Furnace Tune-Ups & Maintenance Services in Springboro & Greater Dayton, OH

Furnace maintenance is essential every single year heading into the wintertime. Heating system maintenance helps homeowners avoid all the problems throughout the Miami Valley’s coldest months. Nevertheless, furnace maintenance also helps you save money on heating costs and furnace repair costs. Best of all, if you’re looking to get the longest service life out of your heater or heating equipment, furnace maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.

At Springboro Heating & Cooling, our standard furnace maintenance services include a much-needed furnace tune-up, heating systems inspection and essential furnace safety check. We strive to ensure the utmost safety from HVAC systems throughout Ohio’s winter months. Our NATE-certified technicians service all brands of equipment and all types of residential furnaces and heating systems. If you’re a homeowner in the Miami Valley Ohio area, furnace maintenance is an excellent investment into your home comfort system that ensures your source of heat works optimally throughout the winter months. Seasonal maintenance also keeps the parts warranty from your furnace’s manufacturer active and valid. This is essential because if you ever have a part become defective or you have an equipment problem, you’ll still be covered. Additionally, it helps increase your furnace’s efficiency rating and heating output. This provides energy savings and heating efficiency while lowering the chances of a furnace problem during the winter months when your furnace needs to be working at its best and firing on all cylinders to keep your entire home nice, warm and cozy no matter how cold it gets outside.

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As your local home heating experts in Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati, we at Springboro Heating & Cooling are always standing by, day and night. Our local, friendly HVAC professionals are always ready to come over to your home or business and help you keep your furnace firing on all cylinders. We help homeowners keep their heating systems in top condition and working like the well-oiled machines they’re intended to be while also saving on heating costs. We also make sure homes and heating systems are as safe as possible. We offer competitive pricing on furnace tune-ups and heating system safety inspections.

As part of a furnace tune-up, our HVAC technicians come to your home immediately and clean your heating system. We inspect your furnace from top to bottom and all its related parts and equipment. We inspect your HVAC system and all its related components and HVAC equipment from top to bottom. Our experts find and identify potential problem areas and look for corrosion. We look for parts needing to be replaced or needing professional service before they’re able to escalate into serious problems. The furnace tune-ups improve furnace efficiency by up to 30 percent or more.

How To Replace Furnace Air Filters

Replacing Furnace Filters is an easy process that needs to be done regularly.

Because it is very cheap and simple to do, every homeowner with an heating system needs to know how to do it and they need to be doing it regularly. If your home heating system’s air filter is clogged or dirty, this can be the fastest and easiest way to maximize your furnace efficiency. The whole process, from start to finish, shouldn’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Start the process by finding the right size of air filter you’re going to need as your replacement filter. After doing this, you’re going to be substituting the old furnace filter with the new replacement furnace filter. We break the entire process down in the following steps:

  1. Turn the furnace off
  2. Find the replacement filter
  3. Determine the proper size of the air filter
  4. Remove the old furnace filter
  5. Insert your new filter
  6. Return the furnace to the “on” position
  7. Enjoy optimal airflow
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4 Benefits of Heating System Maintenance

Homeowners who take advantage of preventative maintenance enjoy a wide range of benefits. Our furnace maintenance professionals at Springboro Heating & Cooling present the following benefits of heating system maintenance in the following:


Makes Heating Equipment Last Longer

If you’ve ever had to install a new furnace, you probably understand firsthand how expensive furnaces are. Because of the high costs of premature furnace replacement, everyone needs to do everything possible to make sure their HVAC equipment lasts as long as possible. The best way to do protect your home heating equipment and make it last as long as possible is to utilize preventative maintenance. Without regular maintenance, furnaces last half as long. Furnace manufacturers say this is something homeowners should keep in mind: Replacing your heating system sooner than necessary is going to be much more expensive than furnace maintenance. It always pays off in the long run to be proactive with your furnace and keep up with this service rather than being reactive and making repairs or performing premature replacement.


Maintain Factory Warranty

Whenever we install a new home heating system, we at Springboro Heating & Cooling give our amazing customers a warranty in writing from the furnace equipment’s manufacturer. This factory warranty explicitly states maintenance needs to be performed every single year by an NATE-certified HVAC technician in order to stay valid and active. If the homeowner neglects to have this service performed even once, their HVAC equipment’s warranty can be voided. If your factory warranty isn’t good and there’s an issue with a defective part, you could end up having to pay for furnace repairs (or sometimes even full furnace replacement) on your own out of pocket using your own money. We believe your money is better spent on seasonal maintenance and you should keep yourself covered. Seasonal maintenance does this.


Prevent Untimely Problems

If you’ve ever lost heating during a Miami Valley Ohio area winter, you know that furnace breakdowns are a nightmare at best. At worse, they are a serious safety hazard. Ohio’s winters can get very cold. Homeowners have home heating systems for a good reason. To keep them running like we need them to, seasonal maintenance is essential. We estimate about 85% of the furnace repairs we make each winter are caused by things we could have prevented with proper maintenance. Because of this, most furnace problems are caused after there’s a general lack of furnace maintenance for any period of time. Maintenance should be performed every year to avoid and prevent most furnace problems that require furnace repairs.

Heating Costs

Lowers Your Home Heating Costs

For a heating system to provide sufficient levels heat during Ohio’s cold winter months, it needs regular maintenance. Maintenance also helps your HVAC system perform consistently and enables you to meet all your home comfort needs in the most affordable way. Like any other appliances and household system, HVAC equipment develops wear and tear with continuous use. Furnaces collect dust, dirt, particles, and other debris. All this stuff is hard on HVAC equipment; heating efficiency goes down and heating bills go up. Homeowners can avoid these issues by making sure their furnaces get the professional attention, care, and love they need.

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HVAC Financing

If you want to upgrade your home’s heating or cooling system, or if you need assistance covering the cost of repairs, we encourage you to take advantage of our financing offer. We at Springboro Heating & Cooling want to help our customers in keeping their home comfortable year-round.

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